Frequently Asked Questions

What is the monthly maintenance charge?
The current monthly charge (payable on the 15th of the month) is $410 for single occupancy and $460 for couples. The charge is reviewed in July each year.

What does the monthly maintenance charge cover?
The monthly charge pays for water and council rates, the upkeep of the grounds and the maintenance of common property and the buildings. The Committee is completely voluntary and has almost no overhead cost in its operation. The aim of the Committee is to operate at breakeven point and keep charges to the minimum.

What other expenses do I have to pay?
Residents pay for their own electricity, gas, telephone, internet and pay TV. The Committee insures the buildings and recommends that residents take out contents insurance. Residents are also expected to pay for ‘wear and tear’ maintenance, e.g. light globes, cleaning and the maintenance of the small garden next to their unit.

How are the units furnished?
The units have floor coverings, stove and heater but are otherwise bare. Occasionally, previous residents leave blinds or curtains but usually the resident must supply their own. Some units have air conditioners. The Committee will subsidise their purchase on the understanding that they remain as part of the property. Apart from cleaning the filters, they are maintained by the Committee as part of the buildings.

What is the ingoing charge for?
Currently set at up to $60,000, the ingoing charge is used for capital works such as renovating existing units and building new units. The ingoing payment must normally be paid before residence is taken up and is not refundable. The donation is much less than the cost to buy a unit, and is determined on the ability of the prospective resident to pay.

What happens if Vermont Elderly People’s Homes is sold?
Vermont Elderly People’s Homes (VEPH) is a community-based, not-for-profit organisation. We’ve been in operation since the 1960s and have been viable since this time. In the unlikely event that VEPH cannot continue, the Constitution requires that the facilities are transferred to a similar not-for-profit organisation.

Do I need to be on the full age pension?
The Committee gives preference to applicants in receipt of the full age pension in accordance with our aims as explained in the Constitution. Applicants must supply Centrelink details as part of their application.

Is there an onsite manager?
There is no onsite manager as we try to keep costs to a minimum. For urgent matters, residents may contact members of the Committee at any time. Our gardener visits each site at least once a week and can assist with building maintenance matters during his visits. If necessary, he will arrange for a tradesperson to attend on behalf of VEPH.

What about the community rooms and facilities?
The community rooms at each site are available for residents’ use. Bookings can be made for private functions. The room must be left clean and tidy after use. Also, remember that parking onsite is very limited – insufficient for a large number of visitors.

Can I have a pet?
You may keep an existing pet provided it does not cause nuisance to other residents.

Can I inspect the units?
Because the units are people’s private homes, occupied units cannot be inspected. Once an application has been received and a vacancy exists, arrangements will be made for an inspection of the unit. Prospective applicants may make an external inspection during daylight hours.

Is there a garage at the unit?
Parking is available onsite for all residents but there are no garages or carports. Parking spaces are not allocated. The Committee expects residents to co-operate by sharing the available spaces. There is no parking onsite for long-term visitors.

Can I have overnight visitors?
Upon application, the Committee will allow up to three consecutive overnight stays. To maintain the quiet and private nature of our facilities, we ask that these visits are limited to once or twice per year. The units are not large and it is unfair to other residents to have regular overnight visitors.410