Ideally, residents must be on a full Centrelink government pension. Preference is given to prospective residents who are living in the Vermont area or have a supporting relative living in the surrounding suburbs of Forest Hill, Blackburn, Mitcham, Bayswater, Wantirna, Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley and Ringwood.
Vermont Elderly People’s Homes Inc. (VEPH) provides building and garden maintenance; however, residents must be able to live independently as no other support services are provided by the organisation.
The Committee takes responsibility for the grounds, excluding the separate plots for each unit, community facilities and regular building maintenance. Residents need to be able to care for themselves and the usual upkeep of their unit.


The Vermont Elderly People’s Homes Inc. (VEPH) management committee selects residents as units become available. We select on the basis of need, not on a strict waiting list. The process for prospective residents is:

  • Attend an interview

  • Provide a medical report to indicate they can live independently

  • Provide a Centrelink statement of assets and pension eligibility.

    Selection eligibility is based on:

  • Residents receiving the full aged pension

  • The ability of the prospective resident to fit into the village community. Full conditions of residence are available in the VEPH Residents Agreement.

Please note, if, in the opinion of the management committee, a resident becomes unable to live independently, arrangements must be made to move to more appropriate accomodation. 

Vacancy rate
The expected vacancy rate is about 10% (five units) per annum, but it varies a lot and is unpredictable. Priority is given to potential residents experiencing the most need, not necessarily to those on a waiting list.

Financial requirements
A non-refundable, ingoing charge is generally required, depending on financial circumstances. This charge is currently up to $60,000. The monthly maintenance charge is currently $410 per calendar month for singles and $460 pcm for couples. These charges are reviewed regularly.

Legal requirements
Residents are required to enter into an agreement with VEPH Inc. and do not have ownership of their unit. A copy of the Factsheet can be accessed here.