Our Mission

Pinnaroo Court VEPH

Vermont Elderly Peoples Homes Incorporated (VEPH Inc.) is a non-profit community organisation that provides low-cost, independent-living accommodation for those in need. We provide over 50 residential units across three locations in Vermont. Each of the properties is well located close to transport and shops. Our intention is to create a caring environment with a sense of community and belonging that goes beyond just the provision of housing.

About Us

An inter-church study group established in 1968 with members from St. Luke’s Anglican Church in Vermont and the Vermont Presbyterian Church, now the Vermont Uniting Church, decided there was a need for a community caring group to provide a contact point for those in need in the Vermont area. The Vermont Church and Community Aid Group was formed. The aid group provided a range of services and support across the community.

It became apparent that there was an urgent need to provide housing for the older members of the community. Somewhere they could live out their lives with dignity without the worry of caring for a family sized home. Somewhere with a garden area that was not too large but could allow them to express their pleasure in caring for a garden. The need was for a comfortable unit with a reasonable maintenance charge.

Dandevue Village VEPH

Dandevue Village

Kirkpatrick Homes

Pinnaroo Court

Our purpose-designed elderly people’s units are situated close to shops and public transport in Vermont in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Set in three very different locations, each of the villages has neat one-bedroom units, attractive gardens and a community room for social and craft activities.